Thursday, May 3, 2012

This is Where I Live

I recently took a weekend getaway from my home in Denver to an undisclosed location in the San Juan mountains of southern Colorado. With the early snowmelt in full swing, I was able to run in a few places on mostly dry ground that, until recently, have been mostly inaccessible to normal foot travel.

While I was en route from Denver to the San Juans, I stopped and took a quick jaunt up the Rainbow Trail above Poncha Pass on the northern end of the Sangre de Christo mountains. As I ran, I got to watch the sun setting over the southern Sawatch mountains to the west, and the Arkansas River valley to the north.

After watching the sun set, I chased daylight down the mountain and got back to the pass just as dusk set in.

The next day I took a run around an area of the San Juan mountains that I've become intimately familiar with over the years, and I was able to get re-aquainted with some of the fantasitc scenery in the area. During the run I saw approximately 30 elk in 4 different groups, including several bucks who were in the process of shedding their antlers. I kept an eye out for antlers laying on the ground as I was running, but didn't find any on this trip.

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